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Drolf's Large Experience

Xtra Large In Life

Welcome to my life carvings where I try to carve out every single day review on this here webpage. All in all, I keep my stuff quite public because I am not the one who always express much about my feelings to my friends on this here journal. All you might see here is just one of those strange days review and such. Enough about the purpose of this journal, more about me :3

Hi, I am Ardagor. The wolfy side of my kind. A furry living in sunny Singapore where the expression just shows the literal climate of the island but not the literal ambience of the people around here. I manage to at least act like a wolf in some of the people like the real estate agent that came to take away my house.

Schools are listed on the that thing there called Schools unless you don't like to read fine print, I am currently studying in Singapore Polytechnic majoring in Diploma in Civil Engineering and Management. I do the constructions calculation and stuff like finding out which member have zero force acting on it and pull it out so that the building won't come rumbling down to the ground and such.

Also with that pure studying, I draw. I want to draw semi-realistic anatomy of my characters and not much of cartoony. I am trying out a new style for it so bear with my lack of skills.

Might as well I am a wolf fur but I am draconic and believe in draconity more than ever. I won't indulge about draconity as there things like Google to type in the search engine for. So, enjoy whatever you can on this here journal and if you don't like it. You can kindly press the back button or type a new address on the browser you are using. Thank you very much.

Have fun!!

Decode my furcode:
FCW6acdr A+ C- D+++ H+ M- P+ R+ T++++ W! Z- Sm- RLCI a- clmn++ d! e+ f+ h* i+ j! p* sm