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Soon To Be Revival~!

 Under Construction~!

Amazing Race April

In April, everything is going to be a rat race. The start of a new school year. The start of a new life.

Also, I will be watching a specific show as you can see from the title above:

Going to watch all 18 seasons of it. As for the current season, I am watching it way earlier than it is aired in Singapore. Don't worry, I won't spoil. I am keeping this short so you guys have a good April!

Senior Year

Finally, I have reached the Senior Year of my Polytechnic Education. I am pretty sure this journal is yet again and still labelled an idiotic 'blog' for most. The past two years, I have been somewhat oblivious to most of what happened in class, more or less weak psychologically and emotionally.

From what I experienced during the 2nd year and the holidays was already tough enough. Being raised by a helicopter parent under conditions that few can imagine. I am practically homeless... but not houseless.

In 3rd Year with an obtained GPA of 2.0, I will only reserve myself to the few I trust. It is now becoming like a game. If they make it a game, I am going to increase the competition level. I am going to increase my patience. I am also going to increase my aggressiveness which only few have seen before.

I will not go down without a fucking fight.

"Oh", "Ah" and "I see"

People have been complaining or asking why I usually say those words. Here's what I actually and really meant:

"Oh?" = "Are you sure? Please elaborate."
"Oh!" = "NOW I GET IT!"
"Oh..." = "Aye, I misunderstood you a bit back there ><"
"Oh I see" = "I don't believe you one bit..."

"Ah?" = "Okay, I thought... wait never mind.."
"Ah!" = "Ouch!"
"Ah...." = 'in a pleasurable mood'
"Ah I see" = "Now, I believe you"

March Into Warfare

It is already the third month and I will try to live up to creating 'colorful' entries :3 
Firstly, why I named this Warfare March was because this year, everything that can happen or is happening to me has relations to politics and army. So pretty much is a... challenge...

Anyways, let's put it like what I did in January... which was pathetically Zombie...

Mass Effect

Yes, this game. What it has to do with Warfare. Basically... just go read the description or whatever you find on Google. Why I put this here is because it has a war element to it. Basically different races of aliens are here fighting for a place in the Council and humans is one of them. Basically like every country on Earth would do to fight a place in the United Nations but some fail or don't even stand out at all. 

One particular race that interests me was the Turian race as you can see by the picture above and I already found R34 of it soon enough... Erf.. It was cool but as expected without even needing to read the Codex. These Turians are quite hardy and are there in the Citadel (Something like Galactic Washington DC) mostly working as Citadel Security Officers. I like hardy people, they rock with guns...

The other two races that are involved in the Council are the Asaris (the more feminine and leader-based) and the Salarians (the more intellectual-based). Basically, anything else, you just have to read up on it. One of the best RPGs by far for me that is!

Red Alert 3: Uprising

Yes. Red Alert 3 but uprising. One of the best Challenger Modes ever since Generals. I think it is the best only but everything seems balanced IF you get uprising. True it may seem unbalanced but there are actual loopholes in defeating each army of them. You think it may be impossible to kill them but there is a possibility in every way. You need the right strategy and the right amount of resources.

The scripting in their campaign and challenger mode is almost wonderful but it will get very repetitive once you advance further into the levels. Try having orbital drops scripted in between you and your enemies base. I guess the only way you have to defeat her is by sea but you only got basic forces. So earn up and get a different strategy.

Most irritating is the cryo legionnaire which will never stop freezing my troops. Once frozen any unit takes a single or dual shot before it shatters into a billion pieces. Fffff.... resources wasted... Cryo IFVs are powerful... but then there's the desolators...  Good thing is they never level up if they do... Ugh, I can't imagine...

National Service

The picture and title is enough to explain. Go figure....

Warfare March

Remember Zombie January?
Flaring February?
Now here comes The WarFare March!

Details after my last paper tomorrow

Hide And Seek

More furries are hiding from society but seeking attention...

Can be observed on Facebook and Community Forums... 



This journal post is basely to let out stressful feeling but not hurtful feelings that may inflict on others. Don't take this post as a sign of a request for pity but just maybe a read.

I know there are reports to be done but I am seriously burnt out right now. I can't think, my head feels numb and my body feels weak. Nothing is registering in my brain except for these throbbing pains in my head. Priority is one thing but ability to do so is another. Everything is just way too cluttered to get anything organized.

I am to do reports and study for examinations. I cannot fall sick tomorrow because I have a fieldwork lesson that also requires attention for report submission. With this stress, it really flares me up easily during school periods and I will shout and yell if things don't go my way in just a few bits. 

Time has become very minimal. I know to other groups, if they can do it, why can't I?

A true and logical question. Why can't I? It all happened due to a lot of very last minute stuff happening within my family areas. My main mission is to save my group members, then I pick myself up and stand!

Don't give up.. Gale.. Hold on much longer... Just hold on...
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